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Alwadi typeface early revelations were in 1997, through sections of Asharq-Alawsat International Newspaper and its first website. It is a sanserif typeface, being casted with modern characteristics, a mix of Arabic Kufi & Naskhy styles, Alwadi has evoked a new genre which became trendy and intensively adopted by Arab type-designers afterwards.

Now, about twenty years after, Avantype Foundry dispatch the all-new revamped Alwadi-Grand font family; which conveys pretty design enhancements; in-addition to a wide range of OpenType features.
The combinations of straight and curved segments that were meticulously crafted with emphasized proportions, increase clarity and legibility of all characters.
During the process of final tuning of Alwadi-Grand glyphs, a survey was held in several focus groups of Arabic mother-tounge, in order to examin readability of compared various font specimens; The results indicated that Alwadi-Grand is ranking highest positions of readability among tested Arabic typefaces.

Henceforth Alwadi-Grand is categorized as both display and text font family; where Light weights provide exceptional readability through long texts, such as magazines and catalogs; whilst Bold weights can meet users desires in titles of adverts, banners, headlines and various works of print or digital design.

Font family

  • Chiaka

Display name:

  • AVT-ar-Chiaka


6 Weights/Styles

  •  32/44/58/76/88/106


Available Formats:

  • TrueType (TTF)
  • OpenType (OTF)
  • WebFonts (WOFF, EOT, SVG)

Language Support:

  • Arabic
  • Farsi
  • Urdo



  • Habib Khoury

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