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Chiaka is an equivalent Arabic word to “Chic”.
It is an improved mutation of the previously issued “Shallal” font family in 2002.

This typeface family combine soft strokes and bent lines precisely tuned through homogeneous letter shapes; in a glamour and feminine features.

Chiaka typeface family supports Arabic, Persian & Urdu; it consist of 6 weights. The light weights in Chiaka are more prominent than the heavy ones; This is due to their distinguished structure with high emphasis on the basic common Arabic letterforms with a preserved clarity. When processed with long texts/ paragraphs, Texts in Chiaka require a typesetting in larger sizes than usual; However, the outcome will not occupy larger spaces on the page, because Chiaka’s design attributes are based on tight inner-spheres and narrow stems with high ascenders.

Chiaka enhances the designers’ typographic box by a variety of OpenType features and characters alternates.

Font family

  • Chiaka

Display name:

  • AVT-ar-Chiaka


6 Weights/Styles

  •  32/44/58/76/88/106


Available Formats:

  • TrueType (TTF)
  • OpenType (OTF)
  • WebFonts (WOFF, EOT, SVG)

Language Support:

  • Arabic
  • Farsi
  • Urdo



  • Habib Khoury

OpenType Features